Custom IT Projects and Software Evolution

If you are looking for an optimal model of IT outsourcing for your custom software project, take advantage of closed loop development. This model is effective in conditions of constantly changing market requirements. IT solutions, which are involved in your business and optimize your workflow, can't mark time either. They have to develop on a par with your business.

Closed Loop Development

Our model is especially appropriate for large-scale, long-term custom IT projects. Software outsourcing according to our methodology allows solving such tasks as:

  • step-by-step software evolution
  • multi-level advancement of business solutions
  • migration to new and emerging technologies
  • regular upgrading (extension of functional capabilities)
  • development of new types of solutions
  • post-launch support
  • etc.

Thus, our exclusive servicing presupposes development and support activities throughout the whole project development time. Such a methodology is aimed at non-stop system improvement and capability extension, as well as design and implementation of new informational solutions, and bases long-term cooperation with the customer.

Our Expertise

We have implemented numerous solutions working with our clients according to the closed loop model. A dedicated team of qualified, experienced software developers, business and system analysts and project managers have realized software evolution, promptly responding to market changes.

Within the scope of closed loop software evolution servicing, we create IT solutions for:

Industry Domains

  • Finance
  • Advertising
  • Travel
  • Construction
  • E-learning
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment
  • CRM & ERP

Core Business Objectives

  • Document Management
  • Fiscal accounting
  • Workflow
  • Security
  • Planning and allocation of resources
  • Production
  • Customer relations
  • Logistics

Some of the projects are still in their active phase. On each "loop" we carry out support, migrating a system to new technologies, working further on its capabilities, functional, interface etc. We successfully use our methodology in the interests of our own business and have several internal projects, leveraging closed loop software evolution and lifecycle management.