Custom IT Projects and Software Evolution

If you are looking for an optimal model of IT outsourcing for your custom software project, take advantage of closed loop development. This model is effective in conditions of constantly changing market requirements. IT solutions, which are involved in your business and optimize your workflow, can't mark time either. They have to develop on a par with your business.

Our Methodology

The market requires that software quickly adapt to its trends. We offer a complete set of services within the framework of an exclusive closed loop model aimed to provide optimal software evolution. As a result, you get:

  • full-cycle programming services
  • exclusive approach to your custom IT project
  • phased system initiation
  • fixed profit at every stage
  • non-stop post-launch development activities for further project evolution

The closed loop development model provides planning and designing of your information technology infrastructure in such a way that it saves you 80% of ensuing expenses for updating and remake of your software. Closed loop evolution services allow improving the system due to a circuit of software development and project management arrangements. A concise outline of evolution

Ex. (a concise outline of evolution):
a standalone DOS application - Windows app - a client-server app based on Unix - a mobile app for iPhone etc.

Customer Advantages

  • A unique IT outsourcing and project management methodology
  • Thorough planning for the long-term outlook (cost and timetable)
  • An investment plan of project evolution (up to the stage when the project reaches the level of self-financing
  • Profound immersion into customer's industry domain
  • The guarantee of technical assistance and maintenance
  • The widest selection of technologies
  • Migration, integration and porting services
  • Flexible support, bug-fixing
  • Team scaling
  • Dedicated system administrators
  • 24/7 tech service
  • 6-month warranty